Agricultural Conservation


Ottawa SWCD is working to reduce the effects of wind and water erosion in Ottawa County. Soil erosion is a major contributor to poor water quality in Lake Erie and its tributaries. Being good stewards of the land should be a goal that every landowner in Ottawa County is working towards. 

What can I do to Keep Lake Erie Clean?

4R Nutrient Managment:

  • Right Rate

  • Right Source

  • Right Time

  • Right Place

  • Cover Crops

  • Erosion Control

  • Soil Health

  • Additional Nutrients

Water Control Structures

Control the amount of water that leaves your farm & adjust the field drainage  throughout the growing season depending on the crop.



New rules are in effect for farmers. Click here to read laws and the penalties that could be assessed.


You can apply for an exemption for one more year for small animal farms. Click here for the exemption paperwork.

Grants for Water Control Structures are NOW AVAILABLE!

Contact Mike Libben (419-898-1595) for more information.