Ditch Maintenance

To reduce sediment and pollution loads to waterways, and help prevent erosion and maintain good water conveyance for the health of agricultural lands and homeowners. 

Completed Projects

  • Schessler Ditch

  • Smith Ditch

  • Millinger Ditch

  • Henry Tasch Ditch

  • Toussaint Creek Joint County Logjam Removal

Projects in Progress

  • Ashery Ditch

  • Leiser Ditch

  • John Blausey - Joint County Ditch

  • Lacarpe Creek Kaiser Ditch

Upcoming Projects

  • Epling Ditch

  • Hellwig Road Ditch

  • Friemark Ditch

  • Bayou Ditch

Toussaint Project 


Proposed removal of logjams and dead / leaning trees within the channel from Benton Carroll Road in Ottawa County to Sugar Ridge Road in Wood County.


Presentation shown at the Toussaint Creek Public Hearing on March 24, 2015.

The Joint Board of the Soil and Water Supervisors voted and approved to move forward with the project. Final plans were submitted by September 1st 2015 to the County Commissioners.  The County Commissioners from all three counties voted to move forward with the project.

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District Technicians: Jason Laubacher & Jarred Molesky
Contact Information: 419-898-1595
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