Fish Sale

The Spring 2021 Fish Sale is now CLOSED. The Fall 2021 Fish Sale will August.

Quantities can be adjusted in the cart. Delivery/Shipping is NOT an option - All orders MUST be picked up at the Ottawa SWCD office on May 18th, 1-2:30pm. Orders will be accepted until Friday May 7th. You will need to bring your own container, with a plastic liner (trash bag) filled with pond water. A trash container, large storage tote or 5 gallon bucket work great. A 5 gallon bucket is adequate for about 100 fish. Largemouth Bass are not available this spring. We hope to have them for our fall sale. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have questions, please contact our office at (419) 898-1595.


These are common throughout Ohio but prefer clear ponds and latkes with rooted vegetation. They normally grow 6-10.”


$0.90 per fish

Hybrid Bluegill

Hybrids are a cross between female green sunfish and male bluegill. They have a larger mouth than a bluegill. The majority of hybrid bluegill is male and reproduction is minimal.


$0.90 per fish

Fathead Minnow

They are one of the most commonly used bait minnows in Ohio. They grow to about 3”.


$0.10 per fish

Yellow Perch

Yellow perch are golden yellow to brassy green. They normally grown to 5-12” and can exceed 2lbs. They spawn mid-April to early May. They are commonly found in Lake Erie, ponds and slow moving rivers throughout Ohio.


$0.90 per fish

bigredear sunfish.jpg
Redear Sunfish

Redear Sunfish normally grow to 9-11.” They are commonly stocked in small lakes and ponds throughout the state. They prefer clear warm waters with vegetation.


$0.90 per fish

Channel Catfish

Channel catfish are scaleless and have slender bodies. They feed near or on the bottom. Most range in size from 12-14”. They can reach 10lbs or more.  They prefer deep water.


$0.90 per fish

White Amur (Grass Carp)

The grass carp is a large herbivorous freshwater fish.  They survive only on eating plant material. White amur help if you are looking for a way to control vegetation and/or algae in your pond.


$15.00 per fish


Koi are domesticated Amur carp that are selected or culled for color. They only eat plant materials and can help control duckweed.


$12.00 per fish