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Ottawa SWCD Mission:

To assist, promote and educate our community in soil & water conservation.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leader in placing soil and water conservation practices on the land to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

2023 Plan of Work 

The Ottawa SWCD provides many services

Conduct topographic surveys, on-site field investigations, and research relating to management practices needed to conserve soil, water, and related natural resources.


Assists landowners and residents with natural resource conservation and development projects, including providing technical assistance and information and conducting demonstrations.


Provides school programs, presentations, tours, field days, pond clinics, woodland clinics, etc. to the public. (Must be scheduled in advance)


Promotes and coordinates federal and state cost-share programs.


Assists landowners in applying for required permits to complete conservation projects.


Oversees the County Ditch Maintenance program, ditches that have been through the Ditch Petition process as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code.


Offers annual tree and fish sales, along with rain barrels, pond safety kits and compost bins.

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