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Wildlife Management

Ottawa SWCD can assist with informing landowners of Federal and State programs that provide monetary incentives for restoration costs. We can also help with establishing wildlife habitat, decreasing animal damage in crop fields and establishing upland and wetland areas.

Wildlife Specialist

Joe Uhinck is responsible for anything and everything that is wildlife oriented. That includes ODNR wildlife specialist position requirements, liaison with Pheasants Forever and other conservation organizations, Lake Erie CREP, wildlife education, H2Ohio ODNR projects, private wetland management, amongst other things. Joe also writes Army Corp permit applications for local landowners.

Contact Joe in the office at   419-898-1595 or

Available Services

Wetland Restorations

Survey & Design

Assistance with Army Corps Permits

Upland Habitat Projects

Partnering with Pheasants Forever for wildlife habitat

Assist with USDA Farm Bill Programs

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