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Phone: 419-898-1595

Address: 240 W. Lake St., Oak Harbor, OH 43449

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ottawa SWCD assist with water services?

  • No, please contact your water provider for questions.

Where can I send my soil samples?

  • Luckey Farmers: 419-898-4441

  • Helena Chemical: 419-855-7778

Where can I find more information about Invasive Species Management?

Where can I find a Plat Book?

  • The Ohio State University Extension Agency: 419-898-3631

Who should I call about injured wildlife? 

  • Back to the Wild: 419-684-9539

  • Ottawa Wildlife Officer: 419-429-8389

Who should I call about recycling?

  • OSS Solid Waste District: 419-334-7222

Do you have a Public Record Request?

  • Contact the office for assistance. 

  • Download Request form and Policy. 

Where can I find out more about my well?

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